How time flies

25th November 2013

In 2009 I let my first house under the name of SEARLES! So much has happened but, most gratifying of all, is that some of the Tenants who moved in then are still there and want to stay on and if there have been changes or new instructions, generally speaking everyone has been happy. That in itself is a triumph as it means that I matched the right house to the right people – harmony! That first house was a two bedroom property but over the years I have handled the most amazing variety of properties – tiny, weeny one bedroom properties to giant, six bedroom beautiful country mansions. The Cotswolds have so much to offer to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. Whilst almost every month sees the emergence of yet more agents who want to let out properties, I have been touched and gratified by those Landlords who have chosen my varied services and the trust and belief they have invested in SEARLES. To those Tenants who have rented through my agency, I also thank you for your trust and belief – I hope your property is giving you great pleasure.