Thank you for your excellent service

12th January 2010

I have known you for nearly 5 years now and in all my dealings with you I know I can trust you in all the important aspects of my properties, including visiting my prospective purchases, rental assessments, prospective demand and future demand etc

We both know an essential part of owning rental property is forming a partnership with an outstanding and knowledgeable Property Manager and Letting Agent….and yes –
I know I have to pay for your services – however, I just could not even begin to compete with the professionalism you provide and the fee you charge me is worth every penny.

Any prospective, current or aspiring property owner can manage their own property -however, I know with you, Soffi, my investments are in good hands and come rain or shine, holidays or no holidays , having you looking after my properties allows me to sleep at night and never doubt my Tenants will be in good hands.

You are a rare commodity in a market dominated by wordsmiths, you simply talk common sense, a very uncommon commodity nowadays.

I wish you continued success in 2010 and will have no hesitation in giving your name to anyone who needs sound property advice.

AE, January 2010